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eBook Information

Our eBooks are designed for personal use on tablet or ereader devices but can be viewed on a computer with the correct software. (Please see instructions below).

Instructions for Downloading eBooks

It is important to download the file to the device which you intend to read it on.

Your purchase is credited with 3 downloads so that you can have the file saved on 3 different machines (e.g. a laptop, iPhone and iPad).

Download the file by logging into , clicking my account and then my downloadable products where you are given the option of downloading either an EPUB or MOBI file.

The MOBI file is for downloading for use on a Kindle device but can only be downloaded directly using a Kindle with browser functionality or alternatively downloading to a PC and using a USB connection to transfer to a non browsing Kindle.

The EPUB can be downloaded onto a PC or mobile phone/ tablet device.

You will need an epub reader if you intend to read your book on a desktop as they are not preloaded.

We utilise Adobe Digital Editions which is a free download. However, a variety of epub readers are available for free download and will work with your purchase.

iPads and iPhones are preloaded with an app called iBooks and the file will automatically be available in your library once you have downloaded it to your device.

For any download issues please contact