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Gender, Development, and Marriage

By Caroline Sweetman
ISBN: 9780855985042
This book traces the economic and social impact of inequality in marriage, and considers its implications for development. Looking at child marriage; the link between women's economic contribution, equality within marriage, NGO responses to domestic violence, and the need to understand particular forms of marriage for appropriate development policy

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  • Synopsis
    Marriage is now acknowledged as an institution of key relevance to development policy, practice, and research. The vast majority of women and men get married at least once, and in many places life outside marriage is almost impossible for either sex to contemplate. Yet marriage experienced by men is very different from marriage for women. This is because marriage is, in all male-dominated societies, an institution imbues with inequality, in which husbands and fathers rule the roost. Many cultures and legal systems still permit the control and punishment of unruly wives, through violence ranging from genital mutilation to domestic beatings. Within marriage there exist clear roles for women and men to perform, as they create and maintain a family. The conventional assumption that these roles are natural and divinely ordained determines the inequality that prevails between men and women. It also helps to set the terms on which women participate in wider society, and colours perceptions of the political and economic contribution that they make. The collection of articles traces the economic and social impact of inequality in marriage on women, men, and wider society, and considers its implications for development. Topics include child marriage; the link between women’s economic contribution and equality within marriage; NGO responses to domestic violence; and the need to understand particular forms of marriage as prerequisite for appropriate development policy
  • Table of Contents
    Early female marriage in the developing world
    Rethinking culture and development: marriage and gender among the tea plantation workers in Sri Lanka
    Negotiating violence and non-violence in Cambodian marriages
    Early marriage and poverty: exploring links and key policy issues
    Marriage, development and the status of women in Kerala, India
    Child support as a strategic interest: la Asociacion de Madres Dermandantes of El Salvador
    Early marriage in esatern Nigeria and the health consequences of vesico-vaginal fistulae (VVF) among young mothers
    Marriage well being and agency among women
    Rethinking marriage and gender relations using evideence from the Pacific
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