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50 Things You Should Know about the Environment

By Jen Green
ISBN: 9781784935627

50 Things You Should Know about the Environment View Jacket

  • Synopsis
    Earth' s varied environments have been shaped by gigantic forces. Volcanoes explode with molten lava from deep in the core, while continental plates rub together to produce violent earthquakes and huge tsunamis. Step inside to explore how our environment works and how we live impacts its changing nature. From the icy poles to the evergreen rainforests, life has found a way to flourish in nearly every environment on Earth. This book explores the startling discoveries of new life forms in extreme environments, such as the strange worlds of the ocean depths. Whilst marvelling the world around us, it also confronts the human impact on the environment. The mounting evidence for global warming is explored and challenges us to work towards a more sustainable future. Packed with facts, diagrams, infographics and photos, this is the perfect introduction to the wonder and intrigue of our environment.
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    Author Jen Green
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    Number of Pages 80
    Format Paperback / softback