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A Chinese Biogas Manual

Popularising technology in the countryside
Edited By Ariane van Buren
ISBN: 9780903031653
Uses diagrams and pictures to show how the basic design of the biogas pit can be adapted for construction in different soils, from sandstone to sheer rock, which should encourage other developing countries to embark on their own biogas programmes.


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  • Synopsis
    The production of biogas, which is regarded in many countries as a by-product of an efficient system of energy production, has become in China a comprehensive, controlled method of waste disposal, recycling resources, supplying energy and fertilizer and improving rural health, as the digesting of wastes in a closed container kills many of the pathogens responsible for common human diseases.
    There are already approximately seven million biogas pits in opertion, with Sichuan (Szechuan) province leading the country in a movement to extend the practice throughout the countryside. This manual describes in detail how to build the pit, and covers a full range of designs to suit various soils from sandstone to sheer rock. It also includes a description of how the original manual was used.
  • Table of Contents
    Prelims [Acknowledgements | Introduction]
    1 The Advantages of Biogas for Rural Areas
    2. Basic Information about Biogas
    3. Basic Principles for the Construction of a Biogas Pit
    4. Different designs of Biogas Pits
    5. Maintenance and Quality Appraisal of Biogas Pits
    6. Scientific Management of a Biogas Pit
    7. Using Biogas
    8. Safety Measures in Building Biogas Pits and Using Biogas
    Back Matter [ Appendix I | Appendix II]
  • Details
    Sub Title Popularising technology in the countryside
    Author No
    Editor Ariane van Buren
    Number of Pages 136
    Format Paperback / softback
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