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A Handbook of Small-scale Energy Technologies

Practical Answers
Edited By Neil Noble

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A Handbook of Small-scale Energy Technologies
ISBN: 9781853397691
Format: Hardback
A Handbook of Small-scale Energy Technologies
ISBN: 9781853397707
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  • Synopsis
    Gaining access to modern forms of energy remains a crucial but under-recognised aspect of poverty reduction in the Global South. Practical Action has long been recognised as a leading authority on energy access, with decades of development programme and project experience worldwide upon which to base its policy and practice recommendations. To mark the UN Year of Energy in 2012, Practical Action has published some of its best practical briefings and case study material for the benefit of energy development practitioners around the world. The handbook collects together in a single volume the best of Practical Action’s briefing papers on the generation, delivery and use of energy. From decentralized energy solutions such as micro-hydro to improved wood-burning stoves, the briefs are based on technologies adopted successfully in a range of countries and over many years.
  • Table of Contents
    Prelims (Photo's, Firgures, Tables)
    1. Introduction
    Neil Noble
    2. Solar photovoltaic energy
    ALison Doig
    3. Solar photovoltaic water pumping
    Michel Maupoux and Practical Action
    4. Solar thermal energy
    Amy Punter
    5. Solar drying
    Tony Swetman
    6. Solar distillation
    Neil Noble
    7. Micro hydropower
    Alison Doig
    8. River turbines
    Giannina Solari and Teo Sanchez
    9. Biogas
    Liz Bates
    10. Liquid biofuels and sustainable development
    Liz Bates and Martin Bounds
    11. Biomass as a solid fuels
    Practical Action
    12. Charcoal production
    John Ndegwa
    13. Energy for rural communities
    Neil Noble
    14. Refrigeration in developing countries
    Practical Action and Neil Noble
    15. Rural lighting
    Practical Action and Neil Noble
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    Sub Title Practical Answers
    Author No
    Editor Neil Noble
    Number of Pages 146