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Argentina under the Kirchners

The legacy of left populism
By Marcela Lopez Levy

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Argentina under the Kirchners
ISBN: 9781909014053
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  • Synopsis
    In 2003 Néstor Kirchner took power in a country still reeling from financial meltdown. He set out to reverse the extreme neo-liberal policies of the 1990s, and ruled through heady years of unprecedented economic growth.

    Néstor was one half of a political couple -- his wife Cristina Fernández de Kirchner won the race for the top job in 2007 and they swapped roles. In 2011 she was voted in for a second term with the highest support ever obtained in a presidential election. And yet in 2015 she was voted out on vague promises of ‘change’.

    During the Kirchners’ administrations inequality had fallen, per capita income had nearly doubled, the economy had grown as never before – so what did people want to change? Why did they vote for the first ever democratically elected right-wing government? How was society torn apart into two vitriolic and equal opposing halves?

    The legacy of Kirchnerism offers key lessons for progressive politics everywhere – and points to the challenges of taking on resurgent conservative forces in Argentina and around the world.
  • Table of Contents
    Introduction: Populism, Peronism and the rift
    Néstor Kirchner (2003-2007): a new kind of Peronist
    Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, CFK (2007-2015): contentious gains
    Afterword: End of an era
  • Endorsements
    ‘This important book presents a highly readable, timely and definitive analysis of twelve years of Kirchnerism. It is essential reading for those who want to understand the dynamics behind how popular and successful left-wing governments are defeated and conservative administrations elected to replace them in Argentina and potentially other parts of Latin America.’
    Daniel Ozarow, Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University and Co-Chair of the Argentina Research Network
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    Sub Title The legacy of left populism
    Author Marcela Lopez Levy
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    Number of Pages 106