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By John Cammack
ISBN: 3-9781853397325-8216-8254
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  • Synopsis

    This set of three books contains Communicating Financial Management with Non-finance People, Basic Accounting for Community Organizations and Small Groups and Building Financial Management Capacity for NGOs and Community Organizations which present practical ways to communicate and build financial management capacity and knowledge in an international development context (although much of it applies to any non-profit organization).

    IMA International These books are used as training resources by many development organizations, in particular IMA International. Over the last 33 years IMA International has built a reputation as a leading provider of participatory and innovative training and consultancy for the international development sector. Capacity strengthening is at the core of their mission. People choose IMA because they offer a chance for them to reflect on individual practice and learn about new approaches in development to promote sustainable change, on both a personal and professional level. IMA have trained over 15,000 development practitioners from NGOs, UN agencies, governments and the private sector across the world.

    John Cammack works as an adviser and consultant, trainer, coach, and writer in the non-government organizations (NGO) sector. He was head of international finance at Oxfam GB and senior lecturer in accounting and financial management at Oxford Brookes University. He now works with a range of international development and relief agencies. John's consultancy work includes: financial management and programme management reviews for European and Southern-based organizations, working with NGOs and community-based organizations (CBOs) to build their financial capacity, and advising organizations on becoming ‘fit for funding’. His interactive training includes: financial management for non-specialists, training trainers (and specialist courses for training financial trainers), building financial capacity, and developing communication between finance and non-finance staff. John is a professionally qualified accountant, manager, and teacher and specializes in the international not-for-profit sector. He holds an MSc in International Development Management, and an MBA.

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