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Candlemaking for Profit

By Robert Aley
ISBN: 9781853397219
Candlemaking for Profit covers the various materials and methods used in candlemaking. It includes step-by-step illustrations to explain methods appropriate for small-scale production. It advises on different wax types, wicks, dyes and scents and gives advice on dealing with material suppliers.

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  • Synopsis
    Candlemaking is a traditional craft which can be converted into a modern small business with viable markets in most countries around the world. This book includes instructions on how to determine the feasibility of a candlemaking business, and advises on essential business planning. It gives detailed and specific guidance in the critical areas of pricing, marketing and selling. Candlemaking for Profit covers the various materials and methods used in candlemaking. Finding workshop space is also covered, with information about costs of premises, workshop layout, stock control and safety. The book explains how to keep ahead through design and innovation and includes advice on how to generate creative ideas, respond to market trends and safeguard intellectual property. This is a simple and clear practical guide for those who are looking for a business start-up or who want to convert their candlemaking hobby into a profitable small business, whether living in an economically rich or developing country.
  • Table of Contents
    Prelims (Contents, Figures, Tables, Photos, About the author)
    1. The history of candlemaking
    contributions from Mindy Chillery
    2. Feasibility study
    contributions from Mindy Chillery
    3. Business planning
    contributions from Mindy Chillery
    4. Marketing
    contributions from Mindy Chillery
    5. Materials, equipment and techniques
    6. Premises, workspace and stock control
    7. Innovation, design and intellectual property
    8. Case studies
    Back Matter (Further information sources)
  • Details
    Sub Title No
    Author Robert Aley
    Editor No
    Number of Pages 112
    Format Paperback / softback
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