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Citizen-led Innovation for a New Economy

Edited By Alison Mathie,John Gaventa

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Citizen-led Innovation for a New Economy
ISBN: 9781853399220
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Citizen-led Innovation for a New Economy
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Citizen-led Innovation for a New Economy eBook
ISBN: 9781780449227
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  • Synopsis
    This collection of eleven cases from Canada and the United States gives expression to the ideal of a new economy based on fairness and environmental sustainability. Grappling with complex problems in their local communities, organized citizens are forging innovation, prying open cracks in the prevailing economic system and seizing opportunities to redirect economic life. Featured here are examples in urban and rural contexts and ethnically diverse settings — First Nations, Inuit, Latino, African American, predominantly white, and mixed communities — where citizens are challenging the short-term focus of political leadership and taking action now to pave the way for an economy that can sustain future generations. They illustrate a new way of working, tying economic justice to the creation of multiple types of environmental, economic and social assets or forms of wealth.
  • Table of Contents
    Prelims [List of contributors | Acknowledgements]
    Planting the seeds of a new economy: Learning from citizen-led innovation
    Humility and audacity: The story of vivre Saint Michel en Santé Brianne Peters
    New dawn enterprises: Becoming a “Community instrument through which the people can do for themselves”
    A vision of flipping the iceberg of power: The greater Edmonton alliance faces big land and big oil
    Everyday good living and the two row Wampum: The vision of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres
    A quiet movement: Inuit self-determination
    Ecotrust Canada: Building the conservation economy
    Resident ownership and neighbourhood transformation: The village at Market Creek
    Pushing for green solutions to urban neglect: The work of People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH)
    Permeating the mainstream: Rural action for a sustainable future for central Appalachia
    Reclaiming land, reaffirming culture: The Deep South Community Agricultural Network
    Reaching back to move forward towards a future of HOPE: The story of Sandhills Family Heritage Association
  • Endorsements
    Situated at the meeting point of politics, economics, social activism and history, this pioneering book is rich in insights and examples that point the way to a more humane and democratic future. A must-read across many disciplines and boundaries. — Michael Edwards, Demos, New York

    This important resource illustrates the power of collective impact; story after story, these cases provide an inspirational road map for innovative thought and action. — Marie Delorme, The Imagination Group, Calgary

    This book provides inspiring and accessible insights into citizen-led innovations, valuable for academics, students, activists, policymakers and grantmakers. Thomas Piketty lays down the challenge of growing social inequality; Mathie and Gaventa and their contributors provide the vital building blocks for the emerging solutions economy.
    — Tim Draimin, Social Innovation Generation (SiG), Toronto
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    Editor Alison Mathie,John Gaventa
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