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By Hans Koning
ISBN: 9780906156605

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  • Synopsis
    In "Columbus: His Enterprise", Hans Koning describes the personality and motivation of a man who changed the course of hisotry. Exploding the myth of the Great Navigator, the author reveals how Colombus accidentally found a continent and systematically pillaged its resources. This controversial book depicts a Columbus not only obsessed by gold but willing to endorse murder for it. 1992 marks the 500th anniversary of Columbus' arrival in the New World. To the indigenous peoples of Latin America the event is no cause for rejoicing. In an afterwood to "Columbus: His Enterprise", Domitila Chungara, the renowned Bolivian activist, laments "The invasion of our lands, the theft of our riches...the most horrific thing that they could ever do to our people".
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    Author Hans Koning
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    Number of Pages 144
    Format Paperback / softback