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Constructing Low-rise Confined Masonry Buildings

By Tom Schacher,Tim Hart

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Constructing Low-rise Confined Masonry Buildings
ISBN: 9781853399909
Format: Hardback
Constructing Low-rise Confined Masonry Buildings eBook
ISBN: 9781780449913
Format: eBook
Constructing Low-rise Confined Masonry Buildings
ISBN: 9781853399916
Format: Paperback / softback

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  • Synopsis
    The Construction Guide for Low-Rise Confined Masonry Buildings addresses the needs of small-scale contractors, technicians, government staff, architects as well as non-governmental organizations involved in post-disaster reconstruction. The guide has been written with users with various professional backgrounds in mind, including a workforce with little formal training. As a consequence this guide not only shows the practical detailing of confined masonry construction, but also offers a wealth of basic information on good construction practices in general.
  • Table of Contents
    1. Why use confined masonry?
    2. General rules for building with confined masonry
    3. Confined masonry step by step
    4. Foundation
    5. Vertical and horizontal tie reinforcements
    6. Walls
    7. Completing the vertical ties
    8. Reinforcement of openings
    9. Ring-beams (tie-beams, horizontal ties)
    10. Free-spanning beams
    11. Slabs
    12. Stairs
    13. House extensions
    14. The shop window problem
    15. Retaining walls in stone masonry
    16. Pitched lightweight roofs
    17. Quality Assurance
  • Endorsements
    ‘Constructing Low-rise Confined Masonry Buildings is a very much-needed publication to promulgate confined masonry as a far safer alternative to both unreinforced masonry and RC frame and masonry infill construction -- especially in earthquake-prone areas. It is a practical construction guide that communicates clearly and simply. Further, it is comprehensive in its coverage, and shows readers in a step-by-step sequence how to build not only confined masonry walls, but all the other elements necessary for a confined masonry building. Very well illustrated with several hundred drawings and photographs, the book is ideal for masons, builders, construction supervisors and architects. It deserves wide circulation.’
    Andrew Charleson, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington

    ‘This is a unique guide which illustrates the construction process of low-rise confined-masonry buildings, and provides invaluable information on good construction practices in a user-friendly, but also comprehensive manner. This publication will be a vital resource for a variety of users interested in promoting and practising confined-masonry construction in earthquake-prone regions of the world.’
    Dr Svetlana Brzev, Chair, Confined Masonry Network, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
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    Author Tom Schacher,Tim Hart
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    Number of Pages 180