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Fertile Ground

Edited By Fiona Hinchcliffe,John Thompson,Jules Pretty,Irene Guijt,Parmesh Shah
ISBN: 9781853393891
The studies present a complex picture of the achievements and continuing challenges faced by conservation professionals and farmers, provide evidence of the importance of local people's involvement in natural resource planning and management, and reveal how difficult it is to scale-up and participatory approaches in large sector-based programmes.

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  • Synopsis
    Fertile Ground addresses presents the findings of the first formal study and in-depth research into the impacts of participatory watershed management in a wider range of agroecological and socioeconomic settings in Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America. The Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Livelihoods Programme of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) has, through its collaborative research programme, New Horizons, worked with a diverse group of organizations engaged in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of participatory watershed management and soil and water conservation projects and programmes. The twenty-three case studies provide compelling evidence of the importance of local people's involvement in natural resource planning and management and reveal how difficult it is to scale-up and institutionalize participatory approaches in large, sector-based programmes, particularly in government bureaucracies. The collection provides an analysis of the biophysical, socioeconomic and institutional impacts of development and management practices and to point to practicable and realistic ways forward for both governments and external support agencies.
  • Table of Contents
    FOREWORD by Francis Shaxson xi
    PREFACE xv
    1. Soil and Water Conservation: A Brief History of Coercion
    and Control 1
    Jules Pretty and Parmesh Shah
    2. Sustainability Indicators for Analysing the Impacts
    of Participatory Watershed Management Programmes 13
    John Thompson and Irene Guijt
    Resource-conserving Technologies and Practices: Farmer
    innovation and adaptation 27
    Overview 29
    3. Soil Recuperation in Central America: How Innovation
    was Sustained after Project Intervention 32
    Roland Bunch and Gabind Lopez
    4. Continuous Adaptation for Soil and Water Conservation:
    The case of PATECORE in Burkina Faso 42
    Dietmar Schorlemer
    5. Participatory Technology Development in Southern India:
    Improving Rainfed Agriculture 48
    Kennedy N. Igbokwe, Romy San Buenaventura,
    Carlos Basilio, Scott Killough, Neelkant Pandhare and
    6. Participatory Technology Development for Watershed
    Management in Leyte, The Philippines 62
    Edwin A. Balbarino and Dolores L. Alcober
    7. The Impact of Technology Adaptation on Productivity and
    Sustainability: MYRADA's Experiences in Southern India 75
    Aloysius P. Fernandez
    8. Participatory Upland Agro-ecosystem Management in
    Bicol, The Philippines 90
    Jit P. Bhuktan, Carlos S. Basilio, Scott I. Killough,
    Ma. Francia L. de los Reyes, Samuel C. Operio and
    Rico V. Locaba
    Enabling Government Programmes 107
    Overview 109
    9. Transforming Micro-catchments in Santa Catarina, Brazil 114
    Valdemar Hercilio de Freitas
    10. Impacts of the Catchment Approach to Soil and
    Water Conservation: Experiences of the Ministry of
    Agriculture, Kenya 130
    J.K. Kiara, L.S. Munyikombo, L.S. Mwarasomba,
    Jules Pretty and John Thompson
    11. Large-scale Government Programmes: Watershed
    Development in Rajasthan, India 143
    Anirudh Krishna
    12. A New Approach for Government: The Doon Valley
    Integrated Watershed Management Project,
    Uttar Pradesh, India 157
    K.C. Thapliyal, S.T.S. LepchaandP. Kumar
    13. The Impact of the Begnas Tal/ Rupa Tal Watershed
    Management Project, Pokhara, Nepal 164
    Mohan P. Wagley
    14. Subsidies in Watershed Development Projects in India:
    Distortions and Opportunities 178
    John M. Kerr, N.K. Sanghi and G. Sriramappa
    15. The Policy Landscape and Prospects of Landcare 194
    Andrew Campbell and Jim Woodhill
    16. Regional Initiatives in Southern Africa to Put Farmers
    First in Soil Conservation 209
    Mikael Segerros
    NGO-led Transformations 217
    Overview 219
    17. Converting Irrigation Tanks Into Percolation Tanks in
    South India: A Case-study of Social Organization Leading
    to Equitable Development 223
    P. Gangi Reddy, G. Sriramappa, J.C. Katyal, N.K. Sanghi,
    John M. Kerr and Ramesh Chakravorthy
    18. Farmer-based Extension for Watershed Development: The
    Case of Mag-uugmad, The Philippines 236
    Lapulapu L. Cerna, Leonardo A. Moneva,
    Wilfredo M. Listones and Efren C. Gerardino
    19. Kasare - A Saga of a People's Faith: A Case-study of
    Participatory Watershed Management 247
    Crispino hobo and Thomas Palghadmal
    20. Scaling-up Soil and Water Conservation Efforts in
    Chotanagpur Plateau, Eastern India 259
    Jaya Chatterji, Prashant Kumar Das,
    Sandeep Chakravarty, Hardeep Singh and R.P. Agarwal
    21. Matching Participatory Agricultural Development with
    the Social Landscape of Northeast Brazil 273
    Irene Guijt and Pablo Sidersky
    Local Capacity and Institutional Innovation 289
    Overview 291
    22. Equity, Local Groups and Credit: Lessons from
    MYRADA's Work in South India 295
    Aloysius P. Fernandez
    23. Institutional Strengthening for Watershed Development:
    The case of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme
    (AKRSP) in India 309
    Parmesh Shah and Meera Kaul Shah
    24. Watershed and Community Development in Tamil Nadu,
    India 324
    John Devavaram, Erskine Arunothayam,
    Rajendra Prasad and Jules Pretty
    25. The Impact of the Mangla Watershed Management
    Project, Pakistan 332
    Shahid Ahmad and Javed Ahmed
    26. Local Conservation Action in Western Australia 340
    Andrew Campbell, Phil Grice and Justin Hardy
    27. The Challenges of Change for the West Hume Landcare
    Group 354
    Jim Woodhill, Judy Frankenberg and Paul Trevethan
    Summary 369
    28. Towards New Horizons: Implications for Joint
    Watershed Development and Challenges for the Future 371
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    Editor Fiona Hinchcliffe,John Thompson,Jules Pretty,Irene Guijt,Parmesh Shah
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