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Gender and Inequalities

Edited By Naila Kabeer,Caroline Sweetman

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Gender and Inequalities
ISBN: 9781788530125
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Gender and Inequalities eBook
ISBN: 9781780447285
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Gender and Inequalities
ISBN: 9781788530132
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  • Synopsis
    As many countries experience increased economic growth they also undergo widening inequalities between classes, castes and sexes. Inequalities of any kind threaten to destabilize the fabric of society, and affect the rich and the poor, exacerbating tensions and crime as well as creating injustice and indignity for the extremely poor. Inequalities between men and women lead to lower wages, gender-based violence, unequal workloads within the household and unequal access to food and resources. A focus on inequalities should mean the adoption of a gendered perspective on poverty and a renewed focus on the relationship between social justice and economic wellbeing. This book surveys economic growth and gender inequality around the world, discusses how livelihoods projects have focused on economic empowerment alone, without measuring the relative impacts on men and women, and describes how women activists in the global South are working to get change for women.
  • Endorsements
    'Gender and Inequalities is a timely and multi-faceted engagement with urgent issues of development. Its key message, 'economic growth, if pursued without strategies to curb widening inequalities in society, is fundamentally fragile and precarious' needs to be heard urgently to challenge the mainstream reductive reasoning on development.'
    Professor Shirin M. Rai, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick
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    Editor Naila Kabeer,Caroline Sweetman
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