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Gender in Latin America

By Sylvia Chant,Nikki Craske
ISBN: 9781899365531

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  • Synopsis
    Gender impacts on every major social issue from rights to social policy, from ethnicity to poverty, this work is a comprehensive overview of the subject, examining trends in gender over history until the present. The authors draw on a wide range on theoretial analyses as well as their own field of work to illuminate the importance of diversity in gender in Latin America, as well as more traditionally held concepts of class, ethnicity, the urban-rural divide and age and peer groups. Debunking traditional universalizing stereotypes, this text charts contemporary changes gender roles, relations between the genders, and gender- and sexuality-based identities. Chapters are arranged around broad themes, including gender and poverty, gender and health, gender and sexuality and gender and employment. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the core issues the debates and theoretical work in the relevant field, and case studies. The authors also make reference to the continually expanding literature on the subject, including work on men and masculinity, fatherhood and sexuality.
  • Table of Contents
    Prelims - Gender in Latin America (Title Page, Copyright Information, Contents, List of Table, Boxes and Figures, Acronyms, Glossary of Latin American Terms, Preface and Acknowledgements, Foreword)
    1. Introduction: Gender in a Changing Continent
    Sylvia Chant
    2. Gender, Politics and Legislation
    Nikki Craske
    3. Gender, Poverty and Social Movements
    Nikki Craske
    4. Gender and Population
    Sylvia Chant
    5. Gender and Health
    Sylvia Chant
    6. Gender and Sexuality
    Sylvia Chant with Nikki Craske
    7. Gender, Families and Households
    Sylvia Chant
    8. Gender and Employment
    Sylvia Chant
    9. Gender and Migration
    Sylvia Chant
    10. Conclusion - Gender in Latin America: Looking to the Future
    Sylvia Chant
    Back Matter - Gender in Latin America (Notes, Bibliography, Index)
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