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How Are We Managing Our Healthcare Wastes?

By Adrian Coad,Jurg Christen
ISBN: 9783908001867

How Are We Managing Our Healthcare Wastes? View Jacket

  • Synopsis
    This book is concerned with the management of hazardous healthcare wastes in low- and middle-income countries. It answers the question How are we managing our healthcare wastes? in two ways. Firstly it brings together observations and data from six major cities in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. These case studies give a comprehensive picture of the current state of healthcare waste management in much of the developing world. Secondly, it suggests how a hospital administrator or consultant could undertake an investigation into healthcare waste management in a particular institution, and so find the answer to this question. For this purpose the main part of the book consists of a series of questions, with comments and observations related to each.This book clearly illustrates that the management of healthcare wste is not simply a matter of data and technology. Improving the situation also requires training, commitment, management, leadership and effective legislation.
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    Author Adrian Coad,Jurg Christen
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    Number of Pages 92
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