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Humanitarian Standards

The Humanitarian Standards are a collection of the world’s leading standards initiatives, aiming to increase quality and accountability in humanitarian response. These include The Sphere Handbook, the Minimum Economic Recovery Standards, and the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards, which are available in multiple languages. Find them in your chosen format below...
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  1. Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards 2nd Edition
  2. Minimum Economic Recovery Standards 3rd Edition
  3. Normas mínimas para la recuperación económica 3rd Edition
  4. Normas y directrices para intervenciones ganaderas en emergencias (LEGS) 2nd edition
  5. Normes et directives pour l’aide d’urgence à l’élevage (LEGS) 2nd edition
  6. Normes minimales pour le relèvement économique 3rd Edition
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6 Item(s)