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Hygiene Evaluation Procedures

Approaches and Methods for Assessing Water- and Sanitation-Related Hygiene Practices
By Astier M. Almedom,Ursula Blumenthal,Lenore Manderson

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Hygiene Evaluation Procedures
ISBN: 9781853396625
Format: Paperback / softback
Hygiene Evaluation Procedures
ISBN: 9781853396847
Format: Hardback

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  • Synopsis
    This handbook provides practical guidelines for evaluating water and sanitation related hygiene practices for the purposes of project planning, monitoring or impact assessment. The main focus, therefore, is on the practical concerns of field personnel working in water supply, sanitation, and health / hygiene education projects. It is also designed to make qualitative research skills accessible to practitioners with little or no previous training in social sciences and emphasizes how to gather, review, and interpret qualitative information. The use of a variety of sources and methods is advocated as the best way to obtain complete and reliable information on the issues under study.
  • Table of Contents
    List of abbreviations
    1. What is the HEP?
    2. Planning a hygiene evaluation study
    3. Training the study team
    4. Designing a hygiene evaluation study
    5. Methods and tools for investigating the context
    6. Investigating hygiene practices
    7. Analysis, presentation, and implementation of findings
    Selected reading
  • Endorsements
    ‘A practical, yet meticulous, handbook for field personnel in water, sanitation and hygiene education projects based on field-tested methods and tools. An outstanding guide for trainers and practitioners.’
    Susan Murcott, Water Engineer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    ‘The Hygiene Evaluation Procedures handbook is an important tool for any student or practitioner conducting socio-cultural fieldwork in water-related disciplines. The methods outlined in this book are also easily adaptable to anthropological studies of other natural resources.’
    Ayron Strauch, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management
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    Sub Title Approaches and Methods for Assessing Water- and Sanitation-Related Hygiene Practices
    Author Astier M. Almedom,Ursula Blumenthal,Lenore Manderson
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    Number of Pages 228