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K eBook

By Bernardo Kucinski
ISBN: 9781909013520
K is the story of a father who searches for his daughter, disappeared during the millitary dictatorship in Brazil. The first Brazillian edition sold out in a few weeks, and was shortlisted for many literary awards.

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  • Synopsis
    A remarkable novel written by the Brazilian journalist Bernardo Kucinski. K is the story of a father who searches desperately for his daughter, ‘disappeared’ during the military dictatorship in Brazil. The father is himself a refugee from Poland in the 1930s. He is racked by feelings of guilt—that because he was immersed in his Yiddish writing and scholarship, he did not really know his daughter or the danger that threatened her. The novel is based on a true story – the disappearance of Kucinski’s younger sister in 1973. As the author says, ‘Everything in this book is invented but almost everything happened’.
    The first Brazilian edition sold out in a few weeks, and the novel has been shortlisted for literary awards in Brazil and Portugal. Most recently it has been short-listed for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2015.
  • Table of Contents
    Foreword to the English edition Jan Rocha
    Letters to someone who doesn’t exist
    The vortex
    The trap
    The informers
    Her first pair of glasses
    The clandestine marriage
    Letter to a friend
    Books and revolution
    The dog
    The day the Earth stood still
    Psychological warfare
    The matzeiva
    Left in the lurch
    Immunity, a paradox
    Two reports
    A nightmare
    Memories, an inventory
    Giving up literature
    The army almanac
    The extortionists
    The Council meeting
    Streets and names
    Survivors, an afterthought
    The meeting at the barracks
    Message to comrade Klemente
    To the reader
  • Endorsements
    'A riveting novel and an important historical document... Always gripping'
    Richard Gott

    'This important and powerful novel ... lyrically translated from the Portuguese. Highly recommended'
    Lindsey Hilsum

    ' ... a substantial literary work '
    Hamilton Pereira (Pedro Tierra)

    'Few tales have left such an impression on me, both for the tragic force of the narrative and for the feeling of revolt that it arouses'
    J. Guinsburg

    'I couldn 't stop reading from the first page to the last'
    Gilberto Maringoni

    'A masterpiece ... unique'
    Alipio Freire

    'A remarkable book! One of the best accounts, perhaps the very best, written on the theme of the disappeared'
    Vladimir Sachetta
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    Author Bernardo Kucinski
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    Number of Pages 192
    Format eBook
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