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Making Planning work

By Cliff Hague,Patrick Wakely,Julie Crespin,Chris Jasko
ISBN: 9781853396489
Drawing upon case studies from some 20 different countries, Making Planning Work shows why new urban development and planning skills are needed so urgently, and what can be done to grow such skills and enhance capacities.

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  • Synopsis
    The scale, rate, and even the nature of urban development has changed dramatically in recent times. The manifestations – rapid urbanization and the urbanization of poverty, increased social diversity, industrial restructuring, more environmentally-friendly suburbs – differ globally, but South and North share the opportunities and problems of one planet. The search for sustainable solutions for settlements crosses international boundaries. Professionals and NGOs in different places and cultures are inventing new forms of urban governance and planning. How do they do it? What practical skills are being used? Making Planning Work shows why new urban skills are needed so urgently, and what can be done to grow skills and enhance capacities. The authors demonstrate how successful development and governance of human settlements depends upon collaboration and establishing effective partnerships, and how much can be achieved by working together, sharing skills, being creative, and learning on the job. The book is essential reading for planners, architects, engineers, housing providers, lawyers, politicians, environmentalists, community activists, NGOs, and community organizers - all those engaged in the processes of planning and managing towns, cities, and settlements from the very local to national and international levels.
  • Table of Contents
    List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
    Section 1 Making the Case
    Why an urbanizing world needs new approaches to settlement planning
    Pointers to sustainable settlements
    Section 2 Practices, Processes, and Skills
    Analytical and cognitive skills
    Communication, negotiation, and inclusion
    Being strategic
    Monitoring and Learning
    Section 3 The Way Ahead
    New places, new planning, new skills?
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    Author Cliff Hague,Patrick Wakely,Julie Crespin,Chris Jasko
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