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Murder in the Rainforest

By Jan Rocha
ISBN: 9781899365371

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  • Synopsis
    In July 1993, near Haximu, a tiny hamlet in the Amazon rainforest, a fateful meeting between a group of young Yanomami Indians and Brazilian gold miners resulted in the massacre of the Yanomami. News of the tragedy shocked Brazil and the world. But mysteries remained: What exactly happened at Haximu? How many people died? Who killed the Indians and why? Using eyewitness accounts, this work tells the story behind the Haximu massacre. Set in the context of the Amazon gold rush, it describes the failings of Brazil's official indigenous policy, the tragic cultural misunderstanding between the gold miners and Yanomami, and analyzes the role of gold fever in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and its people.
  • Table of Contents
    Prelims - Murder in the Rainforest (Title Page, Copyright Information, Preface: A Note, Author's Note, Contents, Map, Acknowledgements, Chronicle of a Massacre)
    1. Murder in the Rainforest
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    Author Jan Rocha
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