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Participatory Development Practice

Using traditional and contemporary frameworks
By Anthony Kelly,Peter Westoby

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Participatory Development Practice
ISBN: 9781853399985
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Participatory Development Practice
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  • Synopsis
    From indigenous people’s groups, classroom teachers, and local and international community workers comes the desire to build community. Participatory Development Practice provides a theoretical and applied base for rethinking development practice that is deeply influenced by a ‘community’ development tradition having its roots in participation and dialogue, yet is broader than that. The book makes the link from the intra-personal to the community and beyond, into the inter-organizational and international domains now required of twenty-first century development work.

    The book is framed conceptually as implicate method (starting with positioning self), micro (developing constructive relationships), mezzo (forming small participatory groups), macro (structuring participatory work within formal organizations) and meta (working with both local to global and global to local issues).

    Kelly and Westoby draw on diverse traditions of thought and practice, including the written works of author-activists such as Gandhi, Freire, Fanon, and the unwritten oral traditions of female workers in Asia, and First Peoples. The result is a true and tested methodology using frameworks of good ideas born from practice wisdom, that have come from research and reflection on 70 years of combined experience.

    Participatory Development Practice helps experienced practitioners, as well as scholars and students of international development, community development and social work, to reflect critically on the concepts and assumptions guiding their work. It is also aimed at corporate actors within community relations departments of major industry who increasingly interact with the public.
  • Table of Contents
    About the authors
    Joining journeys: an introduction
    1. Building common ground: frameworks and framing the work
    2. Implicate method: positioning self for the work with a practice framework
    3. With one another: the craft of micro method
    4. Taking steps together: the craft of mezzo method
    5. Building development organization: the craft of macro method
    6. From the local to the global: the craft of meta method
    7. Promissory notes and reflections: together on common ground
  • Endorsements
    ‘This work represents an important contribution in the ongoing effort to provide critical analysis, perspective and input on participatory development practice. The authors show that much can be learned and linked when a combination of love, dialogue and action are nurtured and applied systematically and with careful attention in communities. Moreover, the topic of poverty and all its complexities can best be addressed when a community development practice framework is seen as both integral and essential emphasizing the importance of cultivating relationships, from local to global between individuals, organizations and institutions. Students new to the field as well as experienced practitioners and development workers will benefit from this collection of chapters that remind us yet again that with community development work, the process is the outcome.’
    Paul Lachapelle, Associate Professor Community Development, Montana State University, President, International Association for Community Development 2016-2019
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    Sub Title Using traditional and contemporary frameworks
    Author Anthony Kelly,Peter Westoby
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    Number of Pages 234