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Participatory Livestock Research

By Czech Conroy
ISBN: 9781853395772
This book is intended to help livestock researchers and practitioners to overcome the potential difficulties associated with participatory livestock research and is aimed at: livestock and rangeland researchers; extensionists and practitioners of livestock development (in livestock service agencies and NGOs).

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  • Synopsis
    This book is the first to offer an introduction to participatory research for livestock development. Despite the attention paid to participatory research methodologies in other areas of agricultural development, participatory livestock work has been relatively neglected despite the evident relevance of and demand for such approaches. This book will bring livestock researchers and practitioners up to date with the latest and best practice in participatory research.
    Participatory Livestock Research will help researchers and practitioners to overcome the potential difficulties associated with participatory livestock research. The book shows how a participatory approach to technology development can be successful. It also shows how to undertake needs assessment using participatory approaches, and how to avoid the problems associated with on-farm livestock experiments. Participatory Livestock Research is essential reading for all those involved in livestock research and will be also be of interest to workers and researchers interested in wider agricultural development issues in universities, national agricultural research systems and NGOs, and extension workers and practitioners in agricultural service agencies.
  • Table of Contents
    Prelims (Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Boxes, Acknowledgements, List of Acronyms)
    1. Introduction: Why livestock is important to resource-poor people
    2. General aspects of participatory situation analysis
    3. Getting an overview of livestock-keeping; Feeding systems and resources
    4. Animal health; Analysis of constraints, problems and opportunities
    5. When to do participatory trials
    6. Getting started; Designing trials and experiments
    7. Monitoring and evaluation of experiments
    8. Achieving wider impact
    9. Case study A: Learning about the control of Newcastle disease with village chicken farmers in Mozambique
    10. Case study B: Participatory development of mange treatment technology in Kenya
    11. Case study C: Participatory validation of medicinal plants for livestock diseases of pastoralists in Kenya
    12. Case study D: Improving the efficacy of concentrate usage by smallholder dairy farmers in Kenya
    13. Case study E: Tree pods as a supplement to improve the productivity of female goats in India
    14. Case study F: Women, livestock and innovation: campesino experimentation in Mexico
    15. Case study G: Adoption and scaling up – experiences of the Forages for Smallholders Project in South-east Asia
    16. Case study H: Development of herbaceous forage legume technologies in central Kenya
    17. Case study I: Development of the Kebkabiya donkey plough in Western Sudan
    18. Case study J: Tzotzil shepherdesses and Chiapas wool sheep, Mexico
    19. Maximizing the contribution of participatory livestock research
    Back Matter (Appendix: Internet-based livestock and development information sources, List of contributors, References, Index)
  • Endorsements
    ‘This guide fills a serious gap, . . . a treasury of practical ideas and good advice . . . it
    should be on the desks of all who are engaged on research to serve small-scale
    livestock producers in developing countries.’
    Prof. Robert Chambers, IDS
    ‘. . . a comprehensive and unique guide, . . . it should be read – and used – by
    livestock professionals worldwide.’
    Prof. Dr. Gordon Conway, President, Rockefeller Foundation
    ‘A timely and extremely valuable guide . . . Should be of interest to researchers all
    over the world.’
    Prof. Jules Pretty, Head of Department of Biological Sciences, University of
    ‘. . . clearly laid out, . . . rich case studies . . . a very useful guide . . .’
    Ann Waters-Bayer, ETC Ecoculture, and Wolfgang Bayer,
    Independent Advisor in Livestock Systems Development
    ‘. . . an essential guide, . . . well written.’
    Dr. C. Devendra, Consulting Animal Production Systems Specialist
    ‘an excellent contribution to livestock development worldwide.’
    Peter Horne, Agronomist and Team Leader, Lao-CIAT Forages and
    Livestock Systems Project
  • Details
    Sub Title N/A
    Author Czech Conroy
    Editor No
    Number of Pages 320
    Format Paperback / softback
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