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Performance Management

A handbook for small business banks and microfinance institutions
By Prinny Anderson

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Performance Management
ISBN: 9781853397936
Format: Paperback / softback
Performance Management
ISBN: 9781853397929
Format: Hardback

Performance Management Look inside

  • Synopsis
    Performance Management equips staff at financial institutions across emerging economies with frameworks and tools to manage people effectively.To sustain the business of financial institutions, leaders and managers must focus on ‘performance’. This means helping staff to maintain quality, efficiency, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and ethical business practices. It also means managing people and the way they work so that they handle as many transactions, open as many deposit accounts, and process as many high-quality loans and repayments as they can. This book covers all areas of performance management for banking and microfinance and includes frameworks and advice in sustaining performance through training, coaching, incentives, performance evaluation, career development, promotion, and succession planning. This book provides insights, approaches, and examples particularly relevant for professionals in these markets. It should be read by staff of banks and microfinance institutions, as well as NGOs and aid agencies engaged in promoting microfinance.
  • Table of Contents
    Chapter 1: A strategic perspective on performance management
    Chapter 2: Operational overview of performance management
    Chapter 3: Getting the right people in the right positions at the right time
    Chapter 4: Making a good start
    Chapter 5: Sustaining performance
    Chapter 6: Evaluating performance
    Chapter 7: Building on performance
    Chapter 8: Advancement
    Chapter 9: Managing performance problems
    Chapter 10: Promote diversity and the advancement of women in the workplace
    Chapter 11: Tracking success – is the performance management system working?
    Chapter 12: Maintaining the strategic position of performance management
    References and bibliography
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  • Endorsements
    ‘This is a book for bank and finance professionals written by a professional who clearly understands the discipline of performance management and the environment of banking and finance. The book is pragmatic, focused, comprehensive and eminently readable … a “must read” for leaders in this field.’
    Robert M. Fulmer, PhD, Vice-Chair, World Business Academy and co-author of The Leadership Advantage: How the Best Companies Are Developing Their Talent to Pave the Way for Future Success

    ‘Performance Management is a straightforward and engaging book that equips HR professionals with the practical advice and systemic insight to make performance management a strategic tool for achieving the business goals of the financial institution, and the human mission of giving women and men access to the financial services they need to move out of poverty.’
    Judy Rosenblum, past president and adviser to Duke Corporate Education

    ‘This handbook for banks and microfinance institutions provides tools to turn over mountains of hardship facing any leader dealing with financial services in difficult-to-reach markets, to discover a goldmine of success on the other side.’
    Bold Magvan, Chief Executive Officer, TenGer Financial Group LLC
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    Sub Title A handbook for small business banks and microfinance institutions
    Author Prinny Anderson
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    Number of Pages 320