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Provocations for Development

By Robert Chambers

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Provocations for Development
ISBN: 9781853397332
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Provocations for Development
ISBN: 9781853397240
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  • Synopsis
    Do we use obscure or fashionable words to impress our colleagues or win research proposals? Are many of our actions against poverty simple, direct and wrong? Provocations for Development is an entertaining and unsettling collection of writings that questions concepts, conventions and practices in development. It is made up of short and accessible writings by Robert Chambers reflecting on the evolution of concepts like participation and of organizations like the World Bank. Besides provocations, there is mischief, verse and serious fun. The book irreverently examines vocabularies of development and how words are instruments of power; challenges concepts of poverty, presents empowering breakthroughs in the current explosion of participatory methodologies; is critical of past and present procedures and practices in aid; points to feasible changes for doing better; touches on values, ethics, gender and participation, immersions, hypocrisy, and paradigms; and finally invites readers to ponder the question ‘what would it take to eliminate poverty in the world?’
  • Table of Contents
    Prelims (List of tables, figs, About the author, Preface, Acknowledgements, Acronyms)
    Part One: Word Play
    Part Two: Poverty and Participation
    Part Three: Aid
    Part Four: To provoke: For our future
    Back Matter (References, Index)
  • Endorsements
    ‘An intoxicating cocktail of thought and practice, people and things, Chambers pokes and provokes us to reflect on the hubris and hypocrisy with which the “development profession” is stuffed. I shall mine this book – like a rich, nutty fruit cake – to help me understand the messy, iterative world of which we’re part.’ Camilla Toulmin, Director, International Institute for Environment and Development, London

    ‘May development scholars and practitioners use Chambers’ Provocations to put the post-World War II era of the “paradigm of things” to rest once and for all … and to give space for his better way forward. This book is a gift to development scholars and practitioners. Read it, reread it, maybe even read parts aloud, and ponder.’ Robin Broad, Professor, American University, Washington, and co-author of Development Redefined: How the Market Met its Match

    ‘A smorgasbord of delightful provocations: Robert Chambers at his best – irreverent, sharp and illuminating!’ Gita Sen, Professor, Centre for Public Policy, Indian Institute of Management, India ‘Prepare to be provoked! This book is serious fun, and should be read, skimmed or otherwise engaged with by anyone with an interest in making a positive difference to international development work.’ David Lewis, Professor of Social Policy and Development, London School of Economics & Political Science, UK

    ‘Development studies as a field of inquiry and prescription has become becalmed in recent years, stuck in its own truisms and assumptions. Sadly, few people seem to have noticed. For 40 years, Robert Chambers has been challenging complacency and simply-plausible thinking that lacks empirical justification or ethical rigour. His writings are always worth reading...’ Norman Uphoff, Professor of Government and International Agriculture, Cornell University
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