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Refugee Enterprise

Edited By Chris Rolfe,Clare Rolfe,Malcolm Harper
ISBN: 9780946688593
This book is concerned with the promotion of income-generating projects for refugees from poor countries, now in poor host countries, many of whom cannot return home. As aid is slowly withdrawn the need for help which encourages self-reliance is essential.


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  • Synopsis
    Refugee Enterprise is concerned with income-generating projects for refugees from poor countries and now in poor host countries, such as Ethiopian refugees in Somalia or Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Many of these refugees cannot return home. They are neither allowed to become local citizens, nor can they expect a third country to take them. As aid to the refugees is slowly withdrawn, they need to be more self-reliant, but there are many constraints. Taking a wide definition of income-generating activities, outside agencies can help these refugees. Help can come from relief agencies starting to look beyond the relief phase, or from development agencies adjusting their regular activities to the more restricted situation of refugees. The book is also designed for field workers involved in starting or running refugee income-generating (IG) programmes.
  • Table of Contents
    The Study behind the Book 5
    Objectives and Limitations 6
    The Position of Refugees for Development 7
    Types and Timing of Income-generating Projects 10
    The Position of Refugees after the Relief Phase 15
    CASE STUDIES (Five agency programmes and five refugee businesses)
    Assistance to skilled refugees-Action International Contre La Faim 17
    Expanding out of relief - Austrian Relief Committee 20
    After relief what? - The British and American Quakers 24
    The Business End - ACORD in Port Sudan 34
    The Relief End - Christian Outreach in East Sudan 39
    Agency Comparisons - of these five agencies and their work 42
    Three Refugee Businesses and Two "Typical" Refugee Businesses 45
    A For All Agencies 48
    B For Relief Agencies Thinking about Development 54
    C For Development Agencies Thinking about Refugees 56
    D Programme Objectives 58
    E Planning Projects 61
    F Time-scales 68
    G Choosing the Type of Project 69
    H Relief Substitution - Projects by refugees for refugees 72
    I Development Investment - Infrastructure/Environment Projects 74
    J Income-adding Starters - Starting Self-help 77
    K Basic Skill Utilisation - Agriculture and Village Crafts 79
    L Vocational Training and Production Schemes 81
    M Business Starter Schemes - For Refugee Entrepreneurs 83
    N Business Assistance Projects - For New and Existing Businesses 85
    O Employment Bureaux 87
    P Possible Projects and Businesses - A List 88
    Q Questions on the Selection of Participants 90
    R The Refugees' Viewpoint 96
    S Women's Projects 97
    T First Steps in Marketing - A Checklist 99
    U Loans and Guarantees 101
    V Non-Financial Assistance 111
    W What about the Hosts? 113
    X Ending the Project 114
    Y Evaluation 116
    Z Concluding Comments 125
  • Details
    Sub Title N/A
    Author No
    Editor Chris Rolfe,Clare Rolfe,Malcolm Harper
    Number of Pages 150
    Format Paperback / softback
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