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Supporting Rural Water Supply

By Harold Lockwood,Stef Smits
ISBN: 9781853397295
This book offers insights into ways countries and individual organisations can move towards a service delivery approach and is a valuable resource for professionals who are interested in improving the design and implementation of rural water supply programmes. Published in association with IRC.

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Supporting Rural Water Supply Look inside

  • Synopsis
    Collectively, billions of dollars have been invested in the provision of rural water supply systems in developing countries over the past three decades. Although progress is being made and rates of coverage are increasing, users often find that, once installed, water supply systems are poorly maintained and eventually break down, leaving them with an unreliable and disrupted water supply. Supporting Rural Water Supply takes a critical look and asks why we have been unable to provide a sustainable water service to rural people for so long? What are the critical success factors in the areas where there has been good progress? How can we support the adoption of a service delivery approach to rural water supply – one that moves beyond implementing infrastructure projects to delivering a reliable and indefinite service? This book brings together findings from 13 country studies which were carried out as part of a global learning initiative – Sustainable Services at Scale, or Triple-S. It offers insights into ways countries and individual organisations can move towards a service delivery approach step by step. Published in association with IRC.
  • Table of Contents
    Prelims (Figures, Tables, Boxes, Acknowledgments)
    Executive summary
    1. Introduction
    2. Methodology and conceptual framework
    3. Country sketches
    4. Findings from the country studies
    5. Conclusions and recommendations
    Back Matter (Annexes)
  • Endorsements
    ‘This book represents a critical milestone in our understanding of the rural water sector –drawing together as it does a wide range of experiences across many different country contexts. The analysis not only unpacks some of the most important and persistent problems facing the sector, but also provides clear guidance for both policy makers and practitioners on the possible ways forward.’ Richard Carter, Head of Technical Support, WaterAid, UK

    ‘This study looks at how to ensure that rural water supplies, once constructed, continue to provide safe water to their consumers. Sustainability is a key issue facing the sector. A summary of lessons learned in this respect deserves our full attention.’ Elizabeth Kleemeier, Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist, World Bank

    ‘A must for all practitioners and decision makers striving to ensure sustainable drinking water security in rural communities around the world.’ Christophe Prevost, Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist, Water and Sanitation Program – South Asia

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    Author Harold Lockwood,Stef Smits
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