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The Nicaragua Grand Canal

Economic Miracle or Folie de Grandeur?
By Russell White

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The Nicaragua Grand Canal
ISBN: 9781909014107
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  • Synopsis
    A canal through Nicaragua connecting two oceans has been a dream central to Nicaraguan identity and to the history of the country. But the current Canal scheme, passed in 2013, has catalysed opposition to President Ortega, who is seen to be using the project to boost his reputation. This book asks the questions: what are the possible economic benefits that the Canal will offer the country? What damage might the Canal will do to the environment, particularly to Lake Cocibolca, the largest source of freshwater in Central America? The Nicaragua Grand Canal explores the geopolitics of the project, especially the significance of China’s involvement. The final sections of the book examine resistance to the Canal proposal from within Nicaragua. Although popular with the wider population, the Canal proposal has been greeted by protests particularly by peasant farmers whose land will be expropriated and by indigenous groups whose lives will be irrevocably altered by the Canal.
  • Table of Contents
    History of the Canal
    The Canal and Sandinista tensions
    The economics of the Canal
    Why the need for a new canal?
    Cost and funding
    Wang Jing’s companies
    The role of the Chinese Government
    The geopolitics of the Canal
    China and Latin America
    China and Taiwan
    The US and the Canal
    The possible environmental consequences of the Canal
    Through indigenous lands
    Protest along the Canal route
    Conclusion: will the Canal ever happen?
  • Endorsements
    ‘The Nicaragua Grand Canal is a clear, balanced and accessible analysis of the background to the canal and its implications.’
    Jenny Pearce, Professor Latin American Politics, Peace Studies, University of Bradford

    ‘This book is fluent and supple in its expression and admirably open-minded in assessing the complex challenges faced by all parties. Well done indeed!’
    James Dunkerley, Professor of Latin American Politics, Queen Mary College, University of London
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    Sub Title Economic Miracle or Folie de Grandeur?
    Author Russell White
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    Number of Pages 74