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Value Chains in Development

Emerging Theory and Practice
Edited By Linda Jones

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Value Chains in Development
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Value Chains in Development
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  • Synopsis
    Value chain development can identify and address the sector-specific bottlenecks that hinder the development of an industry. Value Chains in Development charts the rise of value chain analysis from the sub-sector approach, through classic business development services, and includes how to assess value chains, measure potential competitiveness and facilitate market-based interventions. Selected from among the best papers on this subject in Enterprise Development and Microfinance (formerly Small Enterprise Development journal), 14 papers take the long view of a discipline that has recently become an essential tool for economic progress in developing countries. In her introductory chapter the editor discusses what we can learn from past trends and more recent development. These critical readings are essential background for students and practitioners of the market-based approaches to development.
  • Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
    Linda M. Jones
    2. The Triple Trust – a threefold approach
    James Thomas
    3. The Judo Trick, or crowding in
    Paul Streeten
    4. Sub-Sector Analysis – a macro-analytical tool for microenterprise support
    Matthew Gamser
    5. A sub-sectoral approach to small business and microenterprise development
    Biswajit Sen and Vijay Mahajan
    6. Business associations in countries in transition to market economies
    Jacob Levitsky
    7. Using franchises to promote small enterprise development
    Michael Henriques and Robert E. Nelson
    8. Towards success: impact and sustainability in the FIT programme
    Jim Tanburn
    9. Business development services – core principles and future challenges
    Alan Gibson
    10. Facilitating small producers’ access to high-value markets
    Jonathan Dawson
    11. Value chain programmes to integrate competitiveness, economic growth and poverty reduction
    Olaf Kula, Jeanne Downing and Michael Field
    12. From behind the veil: industry-level methodologies for disadvantaged communities in Pakistan
    Linda M. Jones and Alexandra Snelgrove
    13. Value chain financing in agriculture
    Calvin Miller and Carlos Da Silva
    14. How to assess if markets work better for the poor
    Harald Bekkers, Alexandra Miehlbradt and Peter Roggekamp
    15. Managing the process of change: useful frameworks for implementers of making markets work for the poor programmes
    Marshall Bear and
    16. Business environment reforms: Why it is necessary to rethink priorities and strategies
    Tilman Altenburg and Christian von Drachenfels
    17. Integrated approaches to enabling the most vulnerable to participate in markets
    Alex Daniels and Andy Jeans
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    Sub Title Emerging Theory and Practice
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    Editor Linda Jones
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