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Wellbeing and Quality of Life Assessment

A practical guide
Edited By Sarah C White

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Wellbeing and Quality of Life Assessment
ISBN: 9781853398421
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Wellbeing and Quality of Life Assessment
ISBN: 9781853398414
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Wellbeing and Quality of Life Assessment eBook
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  • Synopsis
    Human development may encompass social, cultural and spiritual facets as well as economic improvement, and development organizations are beginning to recognize this fact. But building into programming a wider understanding of development throws up a number of questions: how do our organizations define wellbeing and quality of life? What do target communities in the global north or south mean by a quality of life? How can we measure change in wellbeing, and attribute it to our programming? Wellbeing and Quality of Life Assessment is a practical resource for people working in social or development policy and practice who are thinking about integrating wellbeing or quality of life in their work in both the global North and South.The main body of the book presents different tools that have been developed and used in social and development policy and practice and outlines the inspiration behind their approach, how it works, what has been learnt through it, and issues and dilemmas that remain.
  • Table of Contents
    Prelims [ About the editors| Acknowledgements| Foreword by Robert Chambers]
    PART ONE: Introduction to wellbeing and quality of life: ideas, issues, and choices
    1 Introduction: why wellbeing?
    2 Key issues in wellbeing and quality of life assessment
    3 Practical choices in designing a wellbeing and quality of life assessment
    PART TWO: Wellbeing and quality of life in development practice
    4 A social justice approach to wellbeing: the PADHI psychosocial framework
    5 Inner wellbeing: the Wellbeing and Poverty Pathways approach
    6 Traidcraft: assessing human flourishing
    7 CAFOD: quality of life Batteries Tool
    8 Trócaire: measuring change, person wellbeing, and programme impact using the Wheel
    PART THREE: Wellbeing and quality of life in policy and advocacy
    9 The potential for a wellbeing approach in policy making and sustainable development
    10 Oxfam’s Humankind Index
    11 Wellbeing Wales: the Sustainable Wellbeing Framework
    PART FOUR: Going forward
    12 Conclusion: the politics of working on wellbeing
    Further resources on wellbeing and quality of life
  • Endorsements
    'For a better, more progressive approach to development we need better, more progressive indicators. This book provides a welcome and accessible set of ideas and advice on how to go about ensuring participation in developing new metrics for development.'
    Duncan Green, Senior Strategic Adviser, Oxfam GB

    ‘This book clearly outlines key issues about community wellbeing and quality of life, linking them to concrete initiatives that open up many possibilities for practitioners both for consideration and adaptation. It will be an invaluable resource book for all those who want to deepen their understanding of the dynamic connections between community wellbeing, democratic participation, and community action.’
    Diane Gillespie, Emeritus Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Bothell

    ‘Wellbeing and Quality of Life Assessment provides compelling practical guidance on how people-centred development can promote wellbeing and an analysis of why it should. Development practitioners, policy-makers, scholars, and others interested in international development in practice should read this.’
    Ben Cislaghi, Director of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, Tostan International.
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    Sub Title A practical guide
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    Editor Sarah C White
    Number of Pages 208