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Women’s Economic Empowerment

Transforming Systems through Development Practice
Edited By Linda Jones and Adam Bramm

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Women’s Economic Empowerment
ISBN: 9781788530279
Format: Hardback
Women’s Economic Empowerment
ISBN: 9781788530286
Format: Paperback / softback

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  • Synopsis

    Economic opportunities for women in developing and emerging economies can mean greater empowerment in market systems, enhanced gender equality within the household and benefits to children’s well-being. At the same time, when women are able to participate more equitably in the economic realm, there are gains for businesses, sectors, and national and global economies.

    However, what if the opportunities relegate women to unskilled, low-paid and even hazardous employment or enterprise development? How can we overcome the gendered biases in regulatory frameworks, business environments and community social norms that result in significant barriers to women’s ability to contribute and benefit? What support is needed for women to navigate their care responsibilities while earning a dignified livelihood? What types of interventions can lead to sustainable jobs or successful enterprises?

    Women’s Economic Empowerment: Transforming Systems through Development Practice is a grounded resource that draws on experiences in diverse contexts such as Libya, Ghana, Nepal, Indonesia and Guatemala. The volume presents proven market systems approaches for women’s economic empowerment, describes the circumstances under which each approach could be applied, and illustrates with examples and case studies. The ultimate goal of the book is to support and inspire long-term and dynamic change that is led by women and men, and is both gender-inclusive and gender-responsive.

    This book is a resource for practitioners and policy makers, as well as students of development practice and policy, who have an interest in bringing a systems perspective to gender equality and women’s economic empowerment. Linda Jones is Vice President Partnerships and Innovation, MEDA. Adam Bramm is a MEDA Associate Director, West Africa, North Africa, and Middle East Region.

  • Table of Contents
    Part 1: Introduction
    Chapter 1: trends influencing gender equality and women’s economic empowerment practice
    Chapter 2: concepts and terms

    Part 2: Key approaches for women’s economic empowerment
    Chapter 3: regulatory and socio-cultural enabling environments
    Chapter 4: sector development—focus on agriculture
    Chapter five: financial inclusion—challenges and opportunities
    Chapter 6: gender lens investing for business growth and impact
    Chapter 7: enterprise development—starting and building businesses
    Chapter 8: labour force participation—a pathway to greater equality
    Chapter 9: information and communication technology for WEE

    Part 3: Managing risk and assessing outcomes
    Chapter 10: managing risks for women’s participation
    Chapter 11: measuring women’s economic empowerment

    Part 4: In conclusion
    Chapter 12: emerging trends in innovative finance and technology innovation
  • Endorsements
    ‘Jones and Bramm’s book is an authoritative point of reference for defining the concepts, terms and principles behind women’s economic empowerment. It also provides a set of inspirational stories from MEDA’s work that illustrate how the market systems approach can be more gender-inclusive. Highly valuable!’
    Mike Albu, Director, BEAM Exchange / DCED

    'This book brings together a wealth of information and experience on women’s economic empowerment. It provides clear evidence from statistics and fieldwork on why addressing women’s economic empowerment is fundamentally important to reducing poverty and achieving the SDGs. Practical examples on how to contribute to women’s economic empowerment are underpinned by concise summaries of gender equality and women’s empowerment theories. Each chapter is well-referenced and includes additional resources for those who want to delve deeper. The book is a valuable resource for practitioners and policy makers.' Alexandra Miehlbradt, Director, Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd.
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    Sub Title Transforming Systems through Development Practice
    Author No
    Editor Linda Jones and Adam Bramm
    Number of Pages 220