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Women's Leadership and Participation

Edited By Joanna Hoare,Fiona Gell
ISBN: 9781853396960
From women’s participation in national elections to female decision-making in community livelihood initiatives, this book highlights three main approaches to strengthening women’s leadership and participation: Overcoming structural barriers, supporting women, and encouraging women to carry out leadership roles effectively for progressive purposes.

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  • Synopsis
    This set of ten papers brings together lessons and experience on women’s leadership and participation from Oxfam GB and its partners. The right to participate in decision-making at the local, national, and international level is one which women are often denied, whether as active citizens or as leaders. In particular, women living in poverty often have very little opportunity to influence decisions and policies that will have a direct influence on their lives and livelihoods, and on the welfare of themselves and their communities. Engaging more women to participate in decision-making will ensure that their perspectives and needs are more likely to be reflected, as these case studies illustrate. The case studies illustrate methodological approaches and learning points. They cover a range of issues, from women’s participation in national elections to female decision-making in community livelihood initiatives. Authors highlight three main approaches to strengthening women’s leadership and participation: Overcoming structural barriers to women’s leadership and participation Supporting women to take up leadership positions Encouraging and supporting women (and men) to carry out leadership roles effectively and for progressive purposes.
  • Table of Contents
    Prelims (Boxes and figures, Acknowledgements)
    1. Women’s leadership and participation: overview
    Joanna Hoare and Fiona Gell
    2. Pa Kite M Deyo! Don’t Leave Me Out! Haitian women demand their right to participate in public affairs
    Kristie van Wetering
    3. Creating the space to empower women fi shers: lessons from the Philippines
    Aurora Urgel and Gaynor Tanyang
    4. Strengthening the voices of women leaders: lessons from Cambodia
    Menh Navy
    5. Breaking the barriers: Sierra Leonean women on the march
    Joanna Hoare
    6. Raising voices: training for empowerment for women experiencing poverty in Britain
    Sue Smith
    7. Women’s leadership in economic change in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel
    Joanna Hoare
    8. Advocacy and national elections: women’s political participation in Honduras
    Maite Matheu
    9. Fighting for women’s rights in Chile: supporting women workers and promoting women's political participation
    Michael van Gelderen
    10. Useful resources
    Joanna Hoare
    11. Concluding update
    Joanna Hoare
    Back Matter (Index)
  • Endorsements
    ‘The eight case studies in this book drawn from around the world give rich, concrete insights into strategies for change.They illustrate how women are often at the forefront of change, not just to raise their own voices, but in so doing to create more just and democratic societies for others as well.’ John Gaventa, Professor, Participation, Power and Social Change team, Institute of Development Studies ‘Excellent reading for civil servants in aid departments, NGOs, IGOs such as the UN, OECD, OSCE, World Bank – and everyone working for a better, saner and fairer world.’ Lesley Abdela, Senior Partner, Eyecatcher/ Shevolution ‘This collection of innovations in supporting women’s engagement in political competition provides inspiring examples of how to accelerate the muchanticipated positive effects of increasing the numbers of women in politics. Under the right conditions, more women in public office do deliver better governance for all. This volume provides us with inspiring guidance for building gender equality into political life.’ Anne Marie Goetz, Chief Advisor, Governance Peace and Security, UNIFEM
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    Editor Joanna Hoare,Fiona Gell
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